St. Jude – 5K – 27:34

This race is special because it benefit’s St. Jude, which was one of the two main charities my sorority supports. This race is flat and covers part of the same path the 10K a week earlier, so it makes it a good place to work for a PR. It just wasn’t my time, but I had good race and it was nice to get out there.

Update: I won third place for my AG! I remember waiting for results and they didn’t call my name. The results were not broken out well to show everyone’s placing. Now months later I was looking back at my races to get an idea of the margin I have to close to potentially place in previous races and it turns out for this race I got third! I even triple checked the numbers and the age group break down was 30-34. So I’m going to at least update my stats. 🙂

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