Happy New Year!!

As some of you may already know I really enjoy setting goals and working to achieve them. Each year I make some goals so I have my sights set on something to work towards. They aren’t really resolutions, but just some things I hope to focus on. Since this is a running blog I will note my running related goals here.

A bit of my short running history:
After catching the running bug in March of 2007 I ran 24 races varying in distances of 2 Miles – 10K. So for 2008 I set my sights on increading my distances and also completing a half marathon, which I was able to do in April. I also wanted to complete more races than I did in 2007 and I met that goal by completing 28 races. In 2008 I was also able to try out a couple trail races. Although trail racing isn’t my thing, I’m glad to have gotten out there and I wouldn’t rule out an opportunity to race in one in the future.

So for 2009….I would like to.
— Improve my 10K time.
— Improve my time in a specific 15K race. It is a very challenging course.
— Do more than one half marathon in 2009.
— Improve on my half marathon time.

I’m not setting a number of races goal this year. Rob and I have a lot of travel plans so I just want to get in races when I can and concentrate on my improving my times.

Ah the joy of having things on a list to cross off. 🙂 Even if I don’t accomplish them all I really enjoy trying!

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