Half Training: Week 3 of 16 Complete

Week 3 of 16 went very well! Plus I got some new goodies: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8s, Under Armour Hat w/mask (aka: ninja mask), and Yak Trax Pros.

I have been on the same brand and model of shoe for over a year and a half now. I feel that I’ve had the best luck with them so far so I’m going to stick with them until something changes. I also use the Superfeet insoles (in berry), which are awesome for my running needs.

I haven’t tried out my other goodies yet, the weather was too good on Friday to need them.

So to the half training….the plan I use does three weeks of building mileage and then has a recovery week and then repeats the cycle while adding mileage. Since next week will be a recovery week I hope to spend some time on my strength training.

Here is what week 3 looked like:
M: Bike 30 mins, Push Ups, Abs
T: Bike 13 mins to warm up, 5 Miles Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: Rest
F: 7 Miles Long Run
Sa: Bike 30 mins, Bowflex Chest and Back, Abs
Su: Bike 30 mins, 2.5 Miles Easy Run, Abs

Total Running Miles: 14.5

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