Product Review: Yak Trax Pro and Under Armour Face Mask

To Yak or not to Yak, that is the question. I took my new Yak Trax out for their first spin today. I wasn’t sure if the road conditions were Yak worthy, the ice and snow was patchy due to lack of plowing in our neighborhood. I decided to give them and try and worst case I could take them off.

If you haven’t seen them before, they are a strong rubber netting that has metal coils wrapped around the netting. They stretch to fit over the bottom of the shoe. Like chains for tires, except for your feet.

They did feel different at first, but not a major change. The coils didn’t affect my feet or anything. I could tell a difference that I wasn’t sliding around like I would have in just shoes. Definitely worth the purchase.

Now for the Under Armour Face Mask, aka: Ninja Mask. It’s a thin, but insulated hood with a face covering that can be pulled up over the nose so only my eyes were exposed. I loved this thing! It smushed my nose some, but I could breathe well through my mouth and it really kept the air warm. When I got warmed up and would have my back to the wind I would pull the face part down to my chin. Then I would pull it back up when I had the wind in my face. I’m sure I looked like a running/ninja/burglar/crazy woman out there. It was fun 🙂 So glad I got this mask!

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