Frosty – 5K – 26:58

This race was a pretty cold one! 8 degrees with a winds at 7mph. The wind chill made it -3 degrees.

We had a few friends who ran too so it was nice to have other runners I know out there.

Picture of the start of the race:

I was pretty layered up, two long sleeves, fleece, lined tights, cold weather socks, gloves and ninja mask. The chilly air was one thing, but the more challenging part of this race was the amount of snow and and ice on quite a bit of the running path. We had a “heat wave” of almost 40 degrees a couple days ago, but apparently that didn’t clear this path. I did slip around a bit.

The other interesting thing was the finish. It was tucked just around a corner and was out of view. So it snuck up as a surpise. I was expecting to see the finish clock further away which always causes me to speed up, this time it was a surprise.

I finished in 26:58 and got third place in my age group!

I had my Garmin so here were the splits that it recorded:
Mile 1: 8:32
Mile 2: 8:34
Mile 3: 8:49
.1 Mile: 1:03

Getting started:

Coming back and realizing we are at the finish:

Michelle and me after the race:

The post race party. Rob and Dan each got a beer flight that came on a paddle:

Me and my medal, third place for age group!

Michelle and me with our medals. She got third place in her age group!

Rob and me:

I’m so glad the 2009 race season has begun!

Updated with more pics: Thanks Michelle and Dan for the pictures!

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