Half Training: Week 5 of 16 Complete

Another week of training completed! I am having to fight back the urge to do more than my training plan calls for now. I have a hard time being patient.

I had to adjust my training days to get my mileage in around a 5K race and a pedicure. I was supposed to put in my 7 mile run in on the same night as my pedicure, but according to my salon it takes 1.5 hours for the nail polish to fully dry. So I ended up moving my long run to the day before the 5K race. Normally I would prefer to cross train the day before a race, but I needed to get my half training completed.

So here is what the week looked like:
M: Bike 40 Mins, Pushups, Abs, Legs
T: Bike 20 Mins, 6 Miles Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: Rest (Pedicure)
F: 7 Miles Long Run (threw in a mile sprint to mix things up)
Sa: .47 Mile Easy Run (Warm up for Race), 5K Race
Su: 1 Mile Easy Run, Pushups, Abs, Legs

Total Running Miles: 17.57

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