Half Training: Week 7 of 16 Complete

One word: Exhausted. However, it has nothing to do with my training. Everything else in life has been super busy and I’ve had more stress than I care to have. So lots of sleep and running were my remedy.

Running has been great! In fact, my long run was the best. Last week due to my schedule I had to have my 8 mile long run on the treadmill. I have been working my way out of 10 min miles for long runs towards 9:08/mile (sub 2 hr half goal). So I have been slowly been creeping up the pace on my long runs. First I did 9:45s, then for my treadmill run last week I set the pace at 9:31 and just tried to keep my form good and get used to the pace for that distance.

Then comes today, except outdoors. Outdoors is a different ballgame….weather, harder surface, hills, turns…all of it come into play. I went out with a let’s just see how I feel approach. Hoping that if I at least come back feeling good afterward then I am on the right track. Well not only did I come back feeling great, but I hit my treadmill time on the second without trying to: 1:16:09. This is a good sign. My pace wasn’t 9:31 consistently because I wanted to run by feel. So when I was out there I decided to push a little and see how it went. I’m so happy that the pushing the pace felt totally fine and *bonus*, even being outdoors I still ended up at a 9:31 average. The only downside was that I under dressed. I think weather people should have part of their pay determined by their accuracy, because it was 25 degrees when I left the house and it was supposed to warm up today and it has not yet. I went with capris, long sleeved top, long sleeved light over layer, headband, NO gloves. NO gloves, big mistake. My hands were red, freezing blocks of ice and the pain started to get to me after awhile and my times slipped off, which shows my distraction.
Here is what my pacing looked like:
Mile 1 9:36 (Warming up)
Mile 2 9:23 (Let’s pick it up a bit and see how long I can make it last).
Mile 3 9:27
Mile 4 9:24 (This pace is doable, eating Gu)
Mile 5 9:28
Mile 6 9:48 (OMG I’m an ice block)
Mile 7 9:42 (Still freezing)
Mile 8 9:19 (Okay, let’s just kick it out and see what I have left)
Time: 1:16:09

On a side note Rob gave me part of my valentine’s presents early, which included a necklace from Tiffany’s with an airplane charm and Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses! I love my presents! These sunglasses are like Paula Radcliffe cool. I can’t wait for it to be sunny enough to run in them.

Also, during this long run I used Gu “Chocolate Outrage” and I must say this stuff is yummy! I plan to eat a Gu pack every 40 mins when my runs are an hour plus.

Here is what my training week looked like:
M: 2 Miles Speedwork Run, Abs
T: Rest (Unfortuately too busy to cross train)
W: Rest (Already exhausted for the week with stuff)
R: 6 Miles Tempo Run
F: Bike 16 Mins Warm Up, 3 Miles Easy Run
Sa: Bike 45 Mins
Su: 8 Miles Long Run

Total Running Miles: 19

This next week is a recovery week. I can’t wait to get to the next stage of building.

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