Half Training: Week 8 of 16 Complete

Half way! Woo Hoo!!

This was a recovery week so there isn’t anything in particular to report.

Random Thought: I bet Nike’s first motto was “It doesn’t matter how you feel, get off your ass and just do it”, but it didn’t fit on merchandise well, so they shortend it.

Here is what my recovery week looked like:
M: Rest
T: 5 Miles Easy Run, Free Weights Arms and Shoulders
W: Bike 30 Mins, Abs
R: Bike 40 Mins, Abs and Legs
F: Bike 15 Mins (warm up), 5 Miles Easy Run
Sa: Bike 30 Mins
Su: 5 Miles Easy Run

Total Running Miles: 15

This coming up week is back to building mileage, can’t wait!

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