Half Training: Week 9 of 16 Complete

Things are still progressing really well! I wish I could get more time outside, but the winds were 38mph the other day and so I decided to keep my long run indoors. It seems like the weather is about to turn for the better here any day now and I’ll be right outside when it does.

For my bike workouts I’m up to a new resistance level (5) without any sacrafice to my mileage. Also, my long run pace is at 9:22.

Here is what my training week looked like:
M: 30 Mins Bike, Abs
T: 7 Miles Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: 2 Miles Easy Run, Abs and Pushups
F: 2 Miles Easy Run
Sa: 9 Miles Long Run
Su: 45 Mins Bike, Abs, Legs and Pushups

Total Running Miles: 20

I’m feeling ready to add on some more mileage next week. Plus some of my other races are going to start here in a couple weeks and I’m looking forward to getting out there!

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