2009 Miller Park Zoo – 5K – 26:43

Miller Park 5K Zoo Run this year was a lot of fun! The weather was perfect! 55 degrees, breezy, overcast. It was unusually warm for this early in March. I can remember freezing at this same race last year.

Rob ran this one too, plus some of our friends were also out there. Rob and I did a quick warm up of .4 miles and then it was time to get going. This race has some gradual hills in each mile.

I caught up to Rob at 1.5 miles and it was so nice to see him out there, he came in at 27:16.

I was hoping for a better finish time. I wonder if that will always be the case. 🙂 I improved on my previous year’s time of 28:07. I didn’t place this year, the field was full of fast women putting me in 8th for my age group. At least I’m still improving, even if it’s at a slower rate than I would want.

Mile 1 8:01
Mile 2 8:43
Mile 3 8:53
.1 Mile 1:06

Time: 26:43

Overall: 104/240
F 30-34: 8/25

My pacing in this race varied more than I would like so I just need to keep working on that, especially with hills.

I have my 10 mile long run tomorrow and am looking forward to it!

Updated with some pictures from Mike and Jayme, thanks you two!
Rob in front of me. My super white legs, yikes!

Rob at the finish.

A couple more pictures:


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