Half Training: Week 11 of 16 Complete

I was mistaken about this week, I thought I was going to be building my mileage, but it actually called for the same miles, just broken down a different way.

This week was good running-wise. I didn’t cross train or strength train enough so I will be getting back to that in the upcoming week because it’s a recovery week.

I had my long run today of 10 miles to complete. My left calf was feeling tight and I had to make a deal with it that I would take the pace easy. This worked out for the best anyways because a storm was rolling in and I was able to get my run outside, but the headwinds provided some good resistance training. It was earthworm city out there today. I did my best to keep good form, but dodge as many as possible to keep from killing them. I’m sure to an outsider I looked pretty funny zigging and zagging for no obvious reason. It actually was a nice little game avoiding the squishy little land minds as I ran. Taking the pace slower allowed me to focus on my form and then all of a sudden at mile 6 my calf pain disappeared altogether. I continued to take it easy to not push my luck, plus it was super windy anyways. Afterward I stretched and the pain did not come back so I’m better than when I left! An ice bath and an upcoming recovery week are my reward.

Here is what the week looked like:
M: Bike 45 Mins
T: 7 Miles Tempo Run
W: 2 Miles Easy Run
T: Rest (Happy Hour with Friends)
F: Rest (Deep Tissue Massage, No Workout Allowed)
Sa: .40 Easy Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race
Su: 10 Miles Long Run

Total Running Miles: 22.5

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