Ice Ice Baby

This post is a shout out any newbies like me who may not know the logistics of an ice bath. I hope this post keeps someone from making the mistakes I did with my first one.

My first ice bath was following my first half marathon. In retrospect I should have done them on my longer training runs or after a hard race, because they are truly amazing, as long as they are done correctly.

So first, what I did wrong. After my first half marathon I knew I needed an ice bath since I had heard so much about the benefits on various forums. What I had not read was actually how to set one up. So in the hotel I ran the bath water as cold as possible and dumped in a ton of ice. Then I did the unthinkable and stepped into this bath of pain. The cold was so awful that I instantly started to shake and cry. I held Rob’s hand as I questioned my sanity and sat down in this extremely painful bath of ice water. It worked, I was definitely well iced. But the experience left me shaking so hard and crying that I found the terrible experience outweighed any benefits.

Luckily I posted how awful it felt and was educated on the correct way to do an ice bath. I have since used the advice given to me and find ice baths beneficial and not a painful experience, thank goodness!

A better way to ice bath:
Fill the tub with cold (but not freezing water). The water should be tolerable to step into. Wear a stocking cap, long sleeved shirt rolled up to stay out of the water, and have some hot tea for drinking. Sit in the bath and then add more cold water. Then add ice. Then continue to add cold water as you adjust to the temperature. Sip the tea and stay in the bath approximately 15 mins. Afterward, dry off and wait for skin to warm up before taking a hot shower.

Maybe I’m the only one who did this the incorrect way, but there you go, a better way to ice bath.

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