Half Training: Week 13 of 16 Complete

Wind Training: Check

This was an awful running week. None of my runs felt great and in fact most were a disappointment. The wind where I run has been relentless. It’s impossible for me to try an pace with strong winds. On top of it I was sick this week for a couple days. I was able to get all my mileage in, but I had to rearrange my training plan to get it all in. Plus my sapped energy just made those days miserable.

I’m aware that towards the end of training that there will be days (or a whole week) that feels like this, but it doesn’t make it any easier. My first half marathon goal was to survive and run strong. Now this time I have goals and pacing I’m trying to meet. A week like this makes all of it seem unreachable. If race day brings strong winds I’m screwed. I’ll have to go into survival mode and just press forward, giving up the 16 weeks of training (and hoping for a good pacing) and just exist in the awful like I did this week. It’s just something I have to deal with if it happens.

I did learn a painful lesson on my long run this week. I had decided that I would re-try one of my hydration belts so I could get water during my long run when I needed it instead of having to plan my way back to my house mid-run for staged bottle. I’m not wearing a hydration belt for my half, but still somehow thought it would be nice to have water on hand today. The sloshing of the bottles was tolerable, but the weight was not. I had set out and tried telling myself that as I drank the water it would lighten the load and it would get better. That did not happen. Even with drinking the water I still felt like I had a belt of lead strapped to me. Between fighting the wind and the belt I was wiped. At mile 6 (of 10) I was fed up and pulled the piece of crap off and dropped it outside my house. I felt like I lost an instant 10 lbs. My pace times went up by 30 secs immediately, but with my new weightlessness I still couldn’t get on track. My energy was gone and the wind was becoming too much. All I did was press forward and went into survival mode. I knew all I had gotten from this run was a lot of annoyance and a spirit beating.

If anything I learned that I can press on when everything, my mind, my body, the wind, all of it is against me. I will move forward.

And here is what my awful running week looked like:
M: Bike 30 Mins, Abs
T: 3 Miles “Easy” Run (Super Windy)
W: Rest (Sick)
R: 4 Miles Tempo Run (Sick)
F: 8 Miles Temo Run
Sa: Rest
Su: 10 Miles Long Run

Total: 25

So week 13 is over. I must look ahead.

20 days until my half….20. I had made my training plan ‘hard’ this time instead of ‘moderate’. This coming week I have what I consider the most challenging run on my plan, 10 miles of speedwork and that will be on top of my 11 mile long run, a 5K race, and some easy runs.

I have two long runs left. I hope that I’m able to have a better experience from at least one of them. I have three 5K races planned before my half. Which means I have to rearrange my training the best I can to make everything fit. It’s not exactly sensible to be running shorter races while I am at the peak of my final training, but I can’t resist getting to run them.

So this week I plan to get a lot of rest when I can and look forward to my speedwork, my next 5K race, and my next long run.

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