Half Training: Week 15 of 16 Complete

The last week of hard training for my next half actually turned out to be enjoyable all around. I feel like my running is going really well. I feel like I’m finding a new gear in my long and short distances and I’m excited to keep the momentum going.

I’m so thankful to report that I was able to get my 5K races in while completing this important week with no problems or injury.

Here is what this week looked like:
M: Rest
T: 8 Mile Tempo Run
W: Rest
R: 11 Miles Long Run
F: 3 Miles Easy Run
Sa: .56 Miles Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race
Su: .66 Mile Warm Up, 3.1 Miles Race

Total: 29.4

I’m looking forward to having a strong race at the Illinois Marathon. I’m also excited for the rest of my training this year because I’ll be taking my weekly mileage to a new level. I’ll be using a new type of training plan (Pfitz) and learning so much about longer distance training.

This coming week is taper week, which means I’ll be resting quite a bit. I’ll be getting a massage and pedicure which will be such a nice treat.

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