Springtime Running

This week of running has been going well.

Tonight was a 4 mile easy run around the hood. I ate all my dinner and instead of waiting to digest I got out for my run pretty early. I need to work on getting into the habit of eating half my dinner then running and then finish the rest of my dinner afterward. Especially when my full training starts because my runs will be much longer on the weekday nights.

I just had that itch to get that run fix in eary. I did a 9:06 pace and quickly fell into a meditative state and just ran to the music I brought along. It so nice to be out running in springtime. The grass is so green and thick rolling clouds were coming in for a storm that may happen later tonight. I must be getting used to the wind tunnel that is my neighborhood because it was 21mph winds and it actually felt like a nice cool breeze.

Unfortunately there are already clouds of gnats starting to form and I think I swallowed a bunch. Gross I know, but I am a mouth breather thanks to asthma and a deviated septum. I am blessed that 99.9% of the time my asthma is not a factor, but I would pass out if I had to inhale through just my nose while running.

4 Miles Easy in ‘Hood
9:06 pace

Favorite song lyrics for this run (yes, it’s from Legally Blonde):
“I’m in the race, but I’ve already won and gettin’ there can be half the fun. So don’t stop ’til I’m good and done. Don’t you try to rain on my perfect day.” – Hoku, “Perfect Day”

Rob and I have a race on Saturday. I’ll be doing the 12K course that goes around the lake and Rob will be doing the 4.37 mile out and loop back. In the past I’ve done the loop portion of the race so this will be my first time doing the 12K. It will be neat to see a new part the course I haven’t done before. Looking forward to it!

2 thoughts on “Springtime Running

  1. Good Luck on your run on Saturday!Love you how you explained spring running, i feel the same way :)Ella (my pup) says Hi and Thanks!


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