Lake Run – 12K – 1:04:03

Rob and I volunteered for the registration and packet pick up event the night before at our local running store. Here is a picture of us working. Our friend Linda, in red, was getting registered.

This race has two distance options, 12K or the 4.37M. I’ve only done the “loop” (4.37M) so I was ready to give the 12K a try. The 12K goes around the lake and has some rolling hills.

The weather was perfect: 49 degrees, sunny, light breeze about 10mph winds

Rob and I got the to race later than we prefer. We barely had enough time to get parked, wait for the bathroom, and then warm up. While we were on our way back from our warm up we hear the Star Spangled Banner and have to hurry to get in place for the run. This is a well attended event. The 4.37M heads to the South, goes out and loops back. The 12K heads to the North, goes around the lake and meets up with the “loop” at about 6.5 miles. I had just enough time to get squeezed into the 12K group, but I was further back that I would have liked. No matter, cause the gun shot and we were off.

My race plan was just to run by feel and hopefully find a good cruising pace. This was a no headphones race, which means no good songs while I take in the scenery, but I was still able to get into a meditative state. I enjoyed the lake views and matured trees. It was such a beautiful day.

Maybe next time I’ll try hitting lap manually to get the splits right and see how I like that. Here is the pace splits Garmin caught, 7.55 miles (.09 over).

Mile 1: 8:21
Mile 2: 8:23
Mile 3: 8:20
Mile 4: 8:29
Mile 5: 8:39
Mile 6: 8:36
Mile 7: 8:36
.55 Mile: 8:23

7.55M, 8:29 pace

Race Results:
12K (7.46M)
8:35 pace

Race Stats:
Overall: 161/346
F 30-34: 10/30
Females: 44/160

Me coming into the finish (just a headshot, white sunglasses):

An automatic PR since this is my first time doing the 12K. I definitely will do this route next time.

Rob did the 4.37M in 35:43, 8:10 pace. An automatic PR for him too!
Here is Rob coming into the finish:

Everything feels great. In fact I feel refreshed from this race. I’m definitely all set for my 9 mile long run tomorrow!!

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