The Biggest Curse Word

You runners know it, the I-word. I’m not prepared to say it yet. If it must happen it at least came at a time in my training where backing off won’t derail any of my marathon goals. At this point I’m looking at this as rearranging my rest days and see if I can avoid using the I-word.

I think my undoing was just not enough rest. I had last week’s scheduled rearranged to accomodate a race. Normally this works out just fine. I think this time the rolling hills were too much when not coupled with any true rest. I did the 12K felt great, did my 9 mile long run on flat terrain and still felt good. Afterward I had some soreness, but nothing alarming. I did make a choice to rearrange my easy runs and do 4 yesterday instead of 5. What I should have done was taken the day off completely for the minor soreness. I know 4 miles in my plan isn’t going to make or break anything so it wasn’t that I was a slave to my schedule. It was just that the soreness wasn’t anything major enough to warrant a red flag. As I ran the neighborhood I felt sore. I ran easy at a 9:19 pace. Normally running with a little soreness has made things feel better. In this case it did not. I think the gradual hills in my neighborhood were too much too soon for my knee. Afterward the soreness included stiffness and I knew it wouldn’t be good.

Today I woke up with a very stiff knee that hurts to bend. So a rest day is a given. Probably tomorrow too. If ice, elevation and rest days go well I won’t have to use the dreaded I-word.

4 thoughts on “The Biggest Curse Word

  1. I hope your knee is okay. I look forward to following you I recently took up running and decided to enter my first 5k it’s coming up in June I am a little excited and a little afraid. Here’s is my blog if you wanted to stop by and leave a couple tips for me.


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