Product Review: Clif Shot Bloks – Margarita

Product Description:
Bloks come in chewable, 33 calorie cubes, making it easy to customize and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races. Salt the rim – this flavor has 3X sodium to ward off muscle cramps.

My take:
A single packet has two servings (3 bloks each), making the package about twice as long as a GU packet. Not ideal for me since during race time I plan to have them pinned to my shorts. When I’ve had GUs pinned to my shorts I don’t even notice them hanging on. With these the longer length does cause more movement, but not enough to deter me. Although I only had one pinned on for a 10 mile run. I would probably be taking 2 for a full marathon, so that may prove to be too much.

The package had a punched whole at the top so I looped my saftey pin through this hole and fastened it on. The packaging is a thin plastic like gummy bear packaging in comparison to GU packets that are foil and more durable. Within just a half mile the movement caused the Clif Bloks to come flying off, definitely not good for race day. Perhaps if I don’t go through the hole and pin directly into the packaging that will be better. Doubtful based on the thin plastic, but I’ll give it a try.

So I ended up holding the Shot Bloks while I ran, which wasn’t a big deal. On my 10 mile run I took 3 bloks at mile 3 and the last 3 at mile 6. And the taste — awesome!! Like drinking a margarita in my book. The flavor is just right: lime, salt, margarita without being too much. The gummy of the block was the perfect consistency, soft and suprisingly didn’t get stuck in my teeth much. They didn’t make me feel thirsty, but I timed some sips of water not long after to help with digestion.

At this point the flavor outweighs the terrible packaging. Perhaps I’ll change my mind after fidgeting with them on more runs.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Clif Shot Bloks – Margarita

  1. What about pinning them lengthwise in a snack-sized ziploc bag? Maybe with 2 safety pins?The plastic may be too flimsy too though.


  2. Yum, I’ll have to try these 🙂 I’m so glad you try out everything first and can tell me what’s good and what’s not!!


  3. Yum! I was wondering about these. Thanks for the review.I was gonna say exactly what courtney said! If you put them in a plastic bag, pinned them to your shorts then tucked them to the inside of your shorts, they wouldnt bounce as much.Just a thought! happy running


  4. Hey love the post!I cut mine in half and put them in a mini ziplock(I don’t like the packaging either)… I also put sport beans of a few different flavors. When I go to grab for nutrition it’s always a surprise to see what I get! When I cut them in half, they are sticky, yet the perfect bite when running. I’ve lost most of my cleveage from running so i often store the ziplock in the top of my sports bra for easy access ;)I also agree that you don’t need water to chew them, but it does help with the digestion.


  5. LOL! Danielle that’s a great idea! I’ve lost some upstairs so I know I got the room to store stuff. :)CJ


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