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Chilli – 5K – 24:26


It was a beautiful day for a race. Sunny, 63 degrees, no wind, just gorgeous. The course is a run through the town’s downtown area then a loop down near the IL river (which is flooded and came up to the race course) and back the way we came.

My knee was feeling better so I went without the knee brace today.

I PRed!! 24:26 And I got 2nd in my Age Group!

Rob also PRed with 23:53!!

Me getting my award:

Me and my award:

7:52 pace
F 30-34: 2/10
Overall: 69/148

6 thoughts on “Chilli – 5K – 24:26

  1. Congrats! Awesome time and congrats on the PR!


  2. great job girl! that award is sweet!!!


  3. Way to go on another PR and awared.The races you go to give the best trophies……


  4. Thanks ladies! Yeah it is pretty amazing the types of awards I’ve seen around this area. They are pretty sweet!CJ


  5. OK so you were right, the trophies there are awesome!!!! Congrats to you and to Rob on wonderful PR runs =)


  6. Thanks Ritter! You have to do this race next year, you will love it!CJ


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