Cherry Festival – 5K – 24:10

The weather was perfect for a race: 57 degrees, 3mph winds, with the sun peeking in and out. This was our first time doing this particular race.

The course had a lot of turns for a 5K. It started off through a subdivision with a few turns, and then turned onto a major road, followed by a turn to the paved trail and then a couple more turns to get back down the road to finish near a fitness facility. The frequent turning did make the race go by so quickly, I was just hoping my knee wouldn’t be too taxed by it all. This race also had a lot of low graded, but frequent rolling hills. The trail had some over flooding which caused a couple spots for traversing some water.

I’m happy to report that Rob and I both PRed!!

I came in at 24:10 and Rob was 23:33!!

7:47 pace
F 30-34: 4/34
Overall: 99/362

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