Building Mileage: Week 6 of 7

This week was my first week of 30’s. My IT Bands on both knees were clearly not happy about putting in 11 Miles Long today after the hilly and twisty 5K yesterday, but I made it through.

Normally I will order race merchandise and save it for after the particular race before using it (kinda like Christmas). That works out since there hasn’t been any merchandise that I would consider having to use on the actual race day…until now. The Rock and Roll Half Marathon Chicago had a women’s Sugoi tank that I ordered. When it came I found that it had a pouch in the back that was the size of a portable CD player. So I definitely had to test run this tank top out to actually be my race tank for the RNR day. I used it today and stowed my Clif Blocs and have to say the pouch was perfect! I’m definitely using this tank on long runs and most races. So far it’s been the best for the job. I may have to see about picking up more of this style from Sugoi.

Today was perfect weather for a long run. I got out to our company park when it was 57 degrees and 8mph winds. I ran a couple of the miles on the grassy area where the soccer fields are to mix up the terrain. Then after lunch I headed back to the company park to enjoy the pool and relax.

This week of training:
M: 4 Mile Race (7:58 pace), Legs and Abs
T: 5 Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:56 pace)
W: 7 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:30 pace w/3x1600s @ 7:53)
R: Rest
F: Abs
Sa: .39 Easy Warm Up (9:37 pace), 3.1 Mile Race (7:47 pace)
Su: 11 Miles Long (9:24 pace)

Total: 30.49

I think this coming week is a recovery week before starting the Full Marathon training plan.

4 thoughts on “Building Mileage: Week 6 of 7

  1. Question… how do you keep your mind engaged on long treadmill runs? I have a hard time not becoming bored out of my mind. Advice please!


  2. I day dream a lot. I'm usually thinking about the upcoming races that I'm preparing for and imagining what they will be like, thinking about clothes I need to buy, ways to make new outfits with the clothes I have, stuff like that. Then there are some times during the run where it becomes like meditation, it like I just zone out or something. CJ


  3. I have been using Runner’s World Smart Coach, but following the McMillan online pace calculator for the pacing. I have a hard time running my mileage as easy as they call for on the easy days though. I’m going to have to get better at running recoveries slower. I’m getting ready to pick the plan that I use for my marathon training. It will be either Pfitz or probably the training plan on Chicago Marathon’s website. What are you going to use for Chicago?CJ


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