A Long Run Cut Short

This week’s long run for me was a 15K (9.32 Miles) and Rob had 7 Miles to do. To mix things up we decided on using another part of our town’s trail system. The trail was built where an old rail system used to run through town and it has since been extended into various neighborhoods. It has water fountains and decent bathrooms along the paths and would be such a gem if it weren’t for the fact that it not only attracts people looking to be active, but also creepos. It’s typical through the year to hear of the occasional mugging, flasher, and in the worst cases rape. So I take the usual precautions: never run alone, never run certain parts of the trail, don’t run at odd hours, and bring pepper spray. Unfortunately this time I forgotten my pepper spray, but Rob and I already planned to run near each other so I wouldn’t be out of his sight.

Rob and I parked and set out on our new path. It was 69 degrees, some winds, and drizzling rain. The miles went along very well. I would get lost in the scenery and the instrumental portions of songs from Dave Matthews Band. I was so happy that we had found another place to get in our runs. At 7 Miles we had found a spot where Rob could stretch and wait for me while I ran on a straight away and would easily see him. The trail had a good handful of runners that day, but there weren’t any around at this point. I set out to finish my run and wasn’t even a .5 mile down the trail when a guy was coming towards me on a bike. He was probably in his 20s, the bike was a street style low ride type of bike, and he was dressed in baggy jeans and jersey, not out for fitness. His riding was leisurely and he was focused on me coming towards him. I hit pause on my iPod so I could hear any shit this guy was going to say. I didn’t make eye contact and hoped he would just go on his way. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He started saying some crap in a come on type of voice, “Hey there baby how you doing today? What are you up to?” and proceeds to circle me on his bike. I stop dead in my tracks and face him. Look him in the eye with a hate that he had to have noticed and shouted “Get lost creep!!!!” and shouted VERY loud “Babe!!!!!! Babe!!!!! Common we gotta go this guy is fucking with me!!!!”. The guy on the bike looks at me with shock cause I don’t think he expected me to stand up to him and I was not alone on the trail. He took off while Rob comes sprinting up and yells “You better run mother fucker!!” But where we were in the trail system there are ways to loop back around so there was no way we wanted to stick around to see if this guy would come back. On our way out of the trail we saw a woman running toward where this went down and I let her know what happened and said you might want to get outta here and she thanked us and turned back around too.

I really don’t care if this guy was just some idiot talking crap and was harmless. I have ZERO tolerance for that shit and I’m not waiting around to find out if some guy is a threat or not. If a guy is dumb enough to talk to me when I’m out running he is going to be surprised by my reaction. I only WISH I had my pepper spray. His ass would have been sprayed right then and there. No way is circling a woman and hitting on her in a park acceptable in my book.

Now I only wish I had punching bag cause I have some energy to burn off.

7.42 Miles, 8:54 pace

We will be looking at some new places to get our long runs in. I’m not interested in going back to this location, just not worth it.

10 thoughts on “A Long Run Cut Short

  1. I am very glad you're ok. I am also glad that you weren't alone and could yell at him. I don't understand why people like that want to behave in such a matter. I wonder what his reaction would have been if you had had your pepper-spray. Also, you commented a few days ago about planning other races. My husband and I are planning to run an 8K race in his hometown in July. It's at night with tons of people so it should be fun.


  2. Yeah I don't get why there are guys who think that acting like that is okay. That's great about your next race! Can't wait to hear how it goes!CJ


  3. Wow! Thank goodness that all worked out. Guess it's a good reminder to all of us to stay on alert. Take care!


  4. OMG! I'm so glad your okay! I would seriously FLIP out if that happened to me! I'm glad Rob wasnt too far away so he could rush over.We have a trail like that around where i live too. Its about a 15-20 mile trail in full length. Its really nice but it does attract creeps. No way in hell will i run on it w/out pepper spray or my boyfriend. I'm SUPER paranoid and I thank you for sharing this story because It is just another reason WHY i hate running where no one can hear me scream!!!


  5. Thanks guys for all the nice comments. It is such a bummer to not be able to run whereever without worry about these kinds of situations. I'm so thankful that nothing worse happened.CJ


  6. I'm so glad your ok, and Rob was around to scare the guy away!! I never even think about that while I'm running… but usually I have my dog with me and he looks pretty scary and would totally eat anyone who even got close to me, lol 🙂 You should take Coco… hahaha


  7. You two are a couple of badasses!!! I'm seriously frightened. Do you know kung fu too? This is why you should always run in your ninja gear. Nobody messes with a ninja.


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