My Marathon Training Receipe

As stated in my previous post, I’ve settled on my plan which actually is more a fusion of sorts.

I start with Runner’s World Smart Coach, with a twist of McMillan for pacing, and a dash of Pfitz for my long runs and cross training, mix and let it cook for 16 weeks. LOL, I crack myself up. 🙂

So this plan all kicks off 6/22, leaving me with 2 weeks so I’m taking that time to run week 1 of the plan two extra times.

The benefits of my customized plan are:
– 3 days a week for cross training and rest.
– 3 20 milers planned.
– It fits with my two half marathons that I will be running during this training.
– Using Smart Coach with McMillan has worked well for me before, now I get the enhancement of Pfitzs take on some long runs being ran as tempo runs.
– Getting to do 1600 meter speed work. I used to loathe them, but I’ve come to see how strong they make me feel.
– Not officially starting until 6/22 means that Steamboat 15K (known as the toughest 15K in IL) won’t interfere with my training.

And there you have it. I plan to be blogging quite a bit through the training, going over every detail of the experience.

Now I must leave you with a non-running, but freaking hilarious video. A shout out to our friend Jamie, she is the hilarious master mind behind the video. She is getting out running and I hope we can meet up for a training run or race sometime.

Me and Jamie:

The video is starring Rob, Me, Mike, Jamie and Sunil.
As Jamie would say “Brown Chicken Brown Cow!”

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5 thoughts on “My Marathon Training Receipe

  1. sounds like your training plan is gonna be sweet! what marathon are you training for?!? :)cute pics and silly video too! 🙂


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