Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.1 Day 3.1

My run didn’t go exactly as planned. I had 5 Miles Tempo to do today and so I got on the treadmill and got going. Everything was going as planned until mile 3. I had a itching, burning sensation that was a bit annoying on my right ankle at the sock line.

I have pretty bad allergies so a couple thoughts went through my head, “Did we change detergents? Nope. Maybe I somehow grabbed a dirty sock? I don’t think I did.”

I continued on since I only had 2 Miles left to go, I would be done real soon. But the pain of the heat grew stronger. Continuing thoughts: “I did eat shrimp at lunch. Perhaps I’m now allergic to shrimp? Gosh I hope not. I did get my allergy shots yesterday, could that be it? Doubtful.”

At 3.66 Miles I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped the treadmill and went to examine my ankle. I look down to see that both of my legs are in hives and after taking off my shoes both feet are red and swollen. My right ankle was searing red. I put cold water on my legs and feet and took extra antihistamine. Then it hit me, I had put Aspercreme on my right ankle cause it had a tinge of pain in the morning. I had only used the stuff maybe one other time and I probably had a rest day the last time or something so I wouldn’t have been sweating. I did notice this morning that after putting the product on how quickly is seemed to work.

Upon further investigation my symptoms do line up with the side effects that some may have with this product. The burning and redness remained on my ankle for over an hour. I was about to go to “doc in the box” aka: prompt care, but instead fell asleep and woke up to a non-burning ankle later. No more Aspercreme for me!

3.66 Miles (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:27 pace)

I’ll throw in some miles here tomorrow or Friday to get them in.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.1 Day 3.1

  1. That does not sound fun! I'm sorry you couldn't finish your run – stupid Aspercreme! 🙂 Hills sound like a great idea – I did a hill workout yesterday and it kicked my butt!


  2. Omg that sounds awful! I'm glad you figured out what it was. As i was reading i started thinking of things it could have been. Like a spider bite or something terrible. Then i was sort of relieved when i read it wasnt that.Great job with the run, even though you couldnt finish your speedy!! 🙂


  3. Spider bite, I didn't think of that, but yeah that would probably be a similar feeling. Yeah I'm going to run tonight and see if it happens again.CJ


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