Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.1 Day 5.1

Today was 3 Miles Easy to get in some mileage after the Tempo run allergy fiasco. I took my 3 miles out in the ‘hood and had no allergic reactions, woo hoo! Glad to know it was a fluke and probably related to a reaction to the Aspercreme.

Afterward I did some upper body and ab exercises. Then Rob and I went out for sushi for lunch and driving golf balls. Hopefully the weather will improve for a flight for dinner tonight.

3 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 62 degrees 8mph winds, 8:42 pace)
Upper Body and Abs

Tomorrow is a 5K race!

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.1 Day 5.1

  1. Hey Mere!My husband has his pilot's license and we built our own airplane. It wasn't good flying weather tonight so we plan to fly to the Ozarks for lunch tomorrow.CJ


  2. Hi, there! I saw that you posted on my blog and thought I'd check out yours. VERY cute! I'm not sure if you've done Chicago before, but it's a great race, lots of fun! Good luck w/ your training.


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