Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.2 Day 3.2

Today was 5 Miles Easy and I got to get them done at our company’s monthly event of running around the lake by our office building. They set up the event with a marked 3K and 5K courses, but it’s not timed and you can show up and run as much or as little as you want. They provide water and various swag items like lanyards (for our ID badges), hair ties and such.

It was a scorching 82 degrees and very humid. I melted in the sun. Afterward I grabbed another water and the volunteers said I ran the furthest of the attendees today and they gave me an impromptu prize of a car sun shade. I love me some free swag!

I’m so happy our company implemented this program. It is definitely a benefit to be able to get out and get my run done early.

5 Miles Easy (Company Park, 82 degrees and very humid, 9:00 pace)

7 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1.2 Day 3.2

  1. I wish I would have remembered my clothes!!!! That's my goal for tonight… putting clothes in my car for impromptu runs 😉 Anyway… good job dealing with this crazy heat!!!!


  2. Meredith – They had this running event once last year and then this year they implemented once a month from May – Oct. So I hope it just keeps growing!CJ


  3. Ritter – Yeah you need a set of running gear in your car at all times so we can impromptu run and for the company run. :)CJ


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