Raider Classic – 5K – 25:14

What a wonderful day it has been!!

So the weather was good to fly to my hometown to participate in a 5K race. We left the airport at about 6:40am (running late because of me) and arrived at 7:20am. What normally would be an almost 3 hour drive was a 40 minute flight. The flight was nice and smooth and not too warm since it was so early.

Here we are arriving:

My parents met us at the airport and we had no time to spare. Registration closed at 7:45am and the race was to begin at 8am. I hate being late for things in general, but this was really cutting it close. We had to get clear to the other side of town and with just a couple minutes to spare we got registered. They had shirts in our size still and the design was good. We quickly threw our bib numbers on, hit the restrooms and went to line up.

Me ready to race:

Rob and me:

It was about 75 degrees, a bit humid and sunny.

So now for the race route…this one was the most interesting and most difficult 5Ks we have ran so far. The race started on the outside of a large park. Hills were a common theme through the entire course. Plus we had times of trail running up some hills. They sprayed the tree roots which was so nice so they stood out. At about mile 1.75 came the most interesting part of the race. Stairs, and not ‘oh a couple steps’ kind of stairs. This part was another trail like part of the course that is so steep that there is rail road tie type steps that were every now and then so not evenly spaced followed by some concrete steps, followed by a few more rail road ties, and then some more concrete steps. My legs burned some by the time we were at the top. The stairs took us to the top of the park to then run the inside roads of the park, which meant more hills and then back to the high school where the race began.

Me coming back:

Rob coming back:

I came in at 25:14 and won 1st in my Age Group! Rob came in at 25:52.

Me with my award:

It was cool to go up and get it and the announcer guy was surprised to have someone far away as us there to run their race and I got to say as I picked up the award that we flew in this morning to race….it just felt cool to say that!

We also scored some sweet door prizes. I got $25 to a local jewlery store so I gave that to my mom so she could pick something out. Rob won a road id, which we had talked about getting so that was awesome!

It was so nice to get in a race that we didn’t have on the books. I hope the hill running will make our next race, Park to Park 5 Miler, feel more flat. It has some gently rolling hills that will be cake in comparison.

F 30-34: 1/12
Females: 6/118
Overall: Not available. Kind of strange, they only have the results as age division or male/female.

Now we are off to go boating with friends!

6 thoughts on “Raider Classic – 5K – 25:14

  1. Congrats on placing first in your age group on a crazy, hilly race. Your day seems to wild — flying, running, boating. Today has to be an awesome day!


  2. awesome race and congrats on 1st place in your age group – you rock!I love that you flew in the morning of – that's real dedication 🙂 I hope Rob likes his road id – I love mine and am so glad I decided to buy one. GREAT JOB!


  3. great job today! i really love that you can just fly around seriously how cool! and what a quick way to get places. ohh id like to go to somewhere that takes 5 hours to drive, we'll just fly! SWEET! soo jealous!we should really meet up for lunch sometime if you guys can just fly in! does rob have his own plane?


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