Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2 Day 4

Today was beautiful running weather, mild temps and a light breeze. I did my 6 Miles Easy around the neighborhood. At mile four I got a new message from my Garmin at the lap split time that stated my lap database is about full and I need to clear space. That’s a new one, guess it’s time to do some database housekeeping.

6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 8:55 pace)

Later we took a flight over near Indianapolis to have dinner at a Rick’s Cafe Boatyard by a lake. They had amazing seafood!

Indianapolis skyline when we were heading back.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2 Day 4

  1. Hey Nicole! Sorry for the late response, I thought I had submitted one earlier. We won't fly for the Chicago Marathon. Our plane is a taildragger, which requires the use of legs alot for the rudder and after the race there is no way that Rob would want to fly with stiff and tired legs. Chicago isn't a far drive for us, thank goodness!CJ


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