Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2 Complete

This week of training went well. Rob and I did our long run at our company park. Rob had 11 miles and I had 12 to do. It was 73 degrees and a nice 14 mph cool breeze.

Here is how the week went:
M: Legs and Abs
T: 5 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:23 pace w/2X1600 @ 7:47 pace w/800 jogs), Ballet 30 mins
W: Rest
R: 6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 8:55 pace)
F: Bike Hill 11.4 Miles (15.2 mph, P5, L5), Abs, Ballet 50 mins
Sa: 5 Mile Race (7:59 pace)
Su: 12 Miles Long (9:16 pace)

Total Miles: 28

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