Dog Days – 5K – 24:10

This race is in the evening and it was nice and warm: 84 degrees and sunny. The sun made the race quite a sweaty one!

Us heading out. Yes, it’s a bit warm:

Rob coming back, about a .5 Mile to go. I’m in black on the right (bib 4):

And me:

I got Third in my Age Group with 24:10! Rob got Third in his Age Group with 24:04!

Here we are sweaty with our medals:

7:48 pace
F 30-34: 3/12
Overall: 88/214

Afterward we came home to grill out. And did I wear my medal while we grilled? Heck yeah I did. 😉

Tomorrow is my long run of 14 miles so I need to rest up.

7 thoughts on “Dog Days – 5K – 24:10

  1. Awww you guys look like super fasties out there!!! Next race, I promise I'm joining 🙂 well… for the beginning part anyway haha. Great job guys!!!


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