We Can Dance If We Want To…

Queue the SAFETY DANCE theme music for this post…actually don’t. So Ritter and I had our first ballet class last night. A 14 year hiatus from ballet for me, yikes! And jazz a few years ago didn’t help my cause. It was an hour long class. I must say that I was concerned that the class may be too elementary and not challenging. Actually it turned out to be good instruction and the class moved along quickly with nothing too basic. The instructor was very good. He is an older man with a lot of experience and yet wasn’t arrogant or cold. Instead he had a good way of explaining movements and his critiques of us were good. I learned finally how to get my arms in second correctly. I used to keep my elbows too high and wrists not turned down enough. And I need to work on elongating my neck. So the class exceeded my expectations. However, there were some cons….all related to me. First, being in a leotard is not the most flattering thing, in fact I think I would take a bikini over a leotard. Second, I was the oldest in the room. And third, ballet didn’t come back to me easily. Instead I got to see how inflexible I have become and was reminded how difficult ballet was (let alone that I’m not in my teens anymore).

So great class and instructor, not so much digging my abilities. I’ve paid for the rest of the summer already so I just need to see if seven days is long enough time for me to amp myself up to go back for more. Right now I’m on the fence about it.

4 thoughts on “We Can Dance If We Want To…

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the class. I can understand your cons. I would continue the class as it is a break from your typical routine. You were never planning on becoming a prima-ballerina.


  2. I'm thinking I'm going to change to a tank and tights and shorts… I'll feel more comfortable with that get-up 🙂 I got a great muscle workout from it so I say we keep going…. we're not going to let those teens get us down!!!! LOL


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