Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4 Complete

Another great week of running complete. Today was our long run, Rob had 14 miles to do and I had 16. We decided to take our long run to a new location so we drove to a small town about 20 minutes away. This town has a trail that is made of crushed limestone. We found out the hard way that there were no water fountains along the trail. Our first trip around was with thoughts like “there has to be one somewhere, at least one” to “okay maybe at the other end of the trail”, nope no water. So we made our way back to the fountain by our car which was not next to the trail so it made getting water inconvenient, but we just had to deal with it by running through a grass soccer field to reach it. The crushed limestone turned out to not be the best footing for me and my IT band was tinging at mile 10. Really all just a lesson learned that this isn’t a spot for our long runs and we will keep scouting out new areas.

Here is how the week turned out:
M: Rest
T: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:34 pace), Legs, Abs, and Arms
W: 5 Miles Easy (Company Lake, 84 degrees, 9:06 pace)
R: 1 Hour Ballet Class
F: 6 Miles Tempo (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:11 pace w/3 miles @ 8:00)
Sa: Bike 8.7 Miles Easy (P1, L4, 17.4 mph), Arms, Back and Abs
Su: 16 Miles Long (Paso Park, 9:07 pace)

Total: 31 Miles

Longest run and longest mileage week to date for me. Everything feels good! We have our next half marathon in 14 days! This coming week is a recovery week so I may try to get some more cross training in.

9 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4 Complete

  1. Wow I love the new profile picture! I like how varied your training schedule is. It isn't just run, run, run, etc.


  2. Great job with the 16! Thats awesome! Are you doing your LR's slower than race pace? I've been trying to latley b/c i've read that its not about speed but about getting the miles/time on your feet. Love the new profile pic too! 🙂


  3. Yeah I'm running below my planned race pace. I just try to run what pace feels easy/doable for the distance that day based on how I feel. I agree that time on the feet is the priority and if I wasn't feeling good that day I would back down my pace for the long run.CJ


  4. +1 to comments above. Do you have a time goal for the marathon? Keep plugging away; you're doing awesome!


  5. Congrats on a great LR and good luck in your half marathon.I also wanted to say I have totally used your running blog as a template for my own running. I just started in Jan and will do my first half in Oct. I got my very first AG award this past weekend and took off a minute from my last time(27:24 5k PR). One of the first things I thought of was you and all your awards and how I am right on track to get my 26:xx 5k time by the end of this fall. That way 25:xx (maybe even 24:xx) will be my goal for my second year.Anyway, your blog has helped me a ton with maping out my own plan and keeping me motivated. Thanks so much fellow Nestie (queenybride97)!


  6. Hey L.A. Runner!I haven't set my sights on a specific goal time since I'm so early in training. I'm using my training plans based of my previous race times, but being new to the distance I'm not familiar with what will be doable for me yet.CJ


  7. Hey Stevi!I saw your post on the nest! That's awesome that you and your DH PRed and placed! You are really chisling away at your time! I'm so happy that you like my blog, that makes my day!CJ


  8. Hey! Just catching up after vacation…looks like you are doing great! Hope you find a beter spot for your long runs, though.


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