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Chicago Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3


Rob and I got on a roll doing house work and so we didn’t get started with our workouts until late. I warmed up on the bike and then ran 7 miles speedwork. The whole thing was about from 9:30-11:00pm for me and it takes me another hour to get showered and mentally wound down so I can fall asleep, leaving me with only 5 hours of sleep. Not ideal, but the weekdays can be tight time wise.

Bike 6.3 Miles (Easy, P1, L4, 16.43 mph)
7 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:20 pace w/3x1600s @ 7:41 w/800 jogs)

Tomorrow is ballet. Ritter and I are going back for more. We are paid up for the summer so we are going to keep at it.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3

  1. Enjoy the ballet class!


  2. We enjoy the sadness of feeling like old people 🙂 I have a wonderful feeling that we're going to do awesome tonight!!!!!


  3. I am glad you're going back for more ballet. Maybe this time will be better than the last.


  4. I'm excited to hear how ballet went! Great job with all the running too! Your so speedy!


  5. Looking forward to hearing about ballet! Very cool 🙂


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