Chicago Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3

Rob and I got on a roll doing house work and so we didn’t get started with our workouts until late. I warmed up on the bike and then ran 7 miles speedwork. The whole thing was about from 9:30-11:00pm for me and it takes me another hour to get showered and mentally wound down so I can fall asleep, leaving me with only 5 hours of sleep. Not ideal, but the weekdays can be tight time wise.

Bike 6.3 Miles (Easy, P1, L4, 16.43 mph)
7 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:20 pace w/3x1600s @ 7:41 w/800 jogs)

Tomorrow is ballet. Ritter and I are going back for more. We are paid up for the summer so we are going to keep at it.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3

  1. We enjoy the sadness of feeling like old people 🙂 I have a wonderful feeling that we're going to do awesome tonight!!!!!


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