Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon Expo

Friday I woke up to much less pain in my leg, about 25% of the pain I had the day before. It had left most of my inner thigh and hamstring and was focused on my groin/hip area.

Rob and I both had to work a bit in the morning. After that I got my manicure and pedicure done in my big race favorite color: OPI “Keys To My Karma”, a vibrant cherry red color.

We headed up to Chicago in the afternoon to get our race packets squared away so we wouldn’t have to stress on getting into our hotel and then to the expo at the last hour on Saturday.

My attempt of taking a picture of the Chicago skyline in the car:

The expo wasn’t busy at all. Probably because most people were still either working or waiting until Saturday. We made our way easily through all the logistics to get our bibs and race shirt. The expo was okay, not the best, not the worst. The Go! St. Louis was still the best expo we have seen, they had tons of freebies. This expo was all free tastes, things unwrapped and drinks poured, nothing to take home to try later (except for a couple items in the bag). We got our MGD 64 wrist bands that will allow us two free MGD 64s post race with no ID. They had a 3oz shot glass sample of the beer so Rob and I toasted to having a great half marathon. 🙂

We did get to see the Biom shoes from Ecco and try them on. The expo sales guys for them were terrible at selling them. Their comments were “great shoe” and “awesome” and when we asked them specific running questions they fumbled to just say “well with this shoe you don’t have to worry about that”, etc. We both tried them on ready to purchase if they felt like something magical, but alas they were not amazing. In fact, they didn’t fit my feet well at all, way too narrow. Well at least we know they are not for us.

The bummer was we missed a talk from Kara by about an hour! Man! Stupid slow traffic!!! Sigh.

Here were the race technical shirts. The design was cool. Just wished they had a women’s cut of the shirt.

We got a quick picture before heading out to drive back home for my second ice bath.

Today we headed up back to Chicago to check into our hotel. It wasn’t stressful when we got into congested traffic cause we knew we had our packets and then didn’t have to rush anywhere. We got all settled in and our sweet little pug, Coco, loves traveling and was psyched to take a walk on the busy streets. We had quite a few people stop to meet Coco and tell us about their furbaby. I have to say the people in Chicago are so nice. I’m always amazed at really how crowded yet calm and quiet Chicago is. And how polite everyone is even in small shops or restaurants where everyone is bumping into one another. Sure maybe it’s not like that everywhere, but for a big city I’m just amazed at how nice and patient everyone seems. Man I LOVE this city!!!

For dinner we had to hit up Cheesecake Factory. I only get it once or twice a year and I love me some cheesecake. We each got an appetizer as our dinner and then got some cheesecake. I had the special Red Velvet Cheesecake. Cause really how could one improve on red velvet other than to layer creamy cheese cake between it! It was CRAZY good! Rob got some amazing peanut butter chocolate one. Luckily our hotel room has a fridge so we brought home half of our cheesecakes for later. YUM! 🙂

We walked around and did some window shopping and then headed back to our hotel. I did another ice bath with tons of ice thanks to Rob and the ice machine on our floor. I’m half frozen and ready for bed. We are planning to get up at 3:30am to get heading to the race at 4:30am. Race time is 6:30!!!

4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon Expo

  1. I can't wait to hear how the race goes! I think it's awesome that you have a favorite race nail color. You can be a girly-girly and an athlete at the same time! Good luck!


  2. LOL! Yep! It just happend that at my first HM I had a pedicure and was going through the colors and was like I want a bold red. And picked up "Keys To My Karma" and was like "oh this is perfect!". I even bought the color cause it was a part of a collection and I wanted to make sure I had it for awhile. :)CJ


  3. I bet Coco was so happy that she got to travel with you guys 🙂 Your pic is adorable!!!! Interesting thoughts on the Biom… I couldn't really find too much reading material on it either that would warrant spending that much on them.


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