Chicago Marathon Training: Week 6 Complete

Since I over did it on the weights on my legs and made myself very sore I had to cut out three days of training so I could still run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Here is how my very short week ended up.

M: Bike Intervals 11.8 Miles (P2, L5, 15.73 miles)
T: 4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 9:06 pace), Legs and Abs
W: 3.25 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:50 pace, right leg doesn’t feel right stop early)
R: Rest – Recovery
F: Rest – Recovery
Sa: Rest – Recovery
Su: 13.1 Miles Race (RNR HM, 8:50 pace)

Total: 20.4

I’m now just feeling lightly sore from the half marathon. I hope to get back into week 7 as planned. I will run my easy runs very light this week.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 6 Complete

  1. YAY!!! Congrats on your 1/2 Marathin PR – that's awesome!! Looks like all of your training is paying off. Your body probably loved you for letting it rest a couple of days before the race! 🙂 Good luck with marathon training – it will be here before you know it!


  2. Very good job on the half AND on a great training cycle so far. Keep up the good work! I see great things in your marathon future!


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