Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 1

We got back from Chicago today and worked to get the house somewhat back into order. We also went to our local running store and got fitted for some new kicks. My shoes were right at 300 miles and I like to get switched out earlier than later. I’ve been doing the Mizuno Alchemys for awhile so I consider them my fall back shoe. I’m still into trying others out to see if something else could possibly work better. I ended up leaving with a pair of Asics 3010s. They feel amazing on my feet walking around so I’ll be giving them a good test run. Our local running store is awesome and has a 2 week return/exchange on any shoe and they want you to run in them outside as you normally would. Rob went with Saucony Hurricanes.

Today was a rest/xt day so I took it easy since we just had our half marathon yesterday.

Walk 2 Miles (Treadmill, 2-3% incline, 15:00 pace)
Abs and Arms

I ordered pictures from the Rock and Roll Half Marathon so I will be updating my post with pictures soon!

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 1

  1. Give us an update on how you like running in the asics. I believer those are a new model, right? I've been wanting to try them myself. Great job on your training! Keep up the good work.


  2. I love getting new running shoes. I am a nerd and definitely think I can run faster with them. You deserve new shoes after your race!


  3. L.A. Runner – Not sure if these are a newer model. I'll post how they seem to work for me.Nic – I agree!Mere – Thanks! I believe in the power of new shoes too! 🙂


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