Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7 Complete

Another week complete! My pains from over doing the weights last week seem to be gone, which is great!

We had our long run today and since this weekend we have been under a heat advisory we knew we would have to get started first thing in the morning. We did our run at our company park and started at 6:30am. It was already 75 and the temps were going to get hot quickly.

Rob had 15 miles to do and I had 18-20. I was hoping to do 20, but I had to rearrange my schedule to do the half marathon and hadn’t done 18 yet. I planned to get going and then see how it went. Well how it went was freaking hot!! Rob and I ran our pace easy and used this run as time on our feet, and with the heat that turned out to be the best option anyways. By mile 12 we were stopping for water at every mile and my pace slowed because I had start walking to get going because my hips were sore. After a couple more miles I had to walk to eat my Clif Blocs. By mile 16 I decided 18 was going to do. The heat was becoming too much. I’m glad I didn’t gamble with the heat and got my 18, especially going from 16 to 20 was probably not the best idea anyways if I want to keep injuries away. 18 miles is now the longest I’ve ever ran and it was also my first run over 3hrs!

As soon as I got to the car I checked and the temp was 88. Rob and I stopped and got bags of ice and each took an ice bath. I felt so much better afterward. I definitely know 20 miles will be okay and hopefully better temps will mean better pace and less water breaks.

Later we headed out to a lake with Ritter and Dan to go boating for the afternoon. Turned out to be a better use of the heat since we could chill in the water!

This is how the week went:
M: Walk 2 Miles (Treadmill, 2-3% incline, 15:00 pace), Abs and Arms
T: Bike 5.1 Miles (Easy, P1, L4, 15.3mmph), 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:50 pace)
W: Rest
R: 6 Miles Tempo (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:20 pace w/3 @ 8:00)
F: Bike 9.1 Miles (Easy, P1, L5, 18.2mph)
Sa: Warm Up .55 Miles (9:15 pace), 3.1 Miles Race (7:40 pace, PR, 3rd AG)
Su: 18 Miles Long (Company Park, Hot, 10:26 pace)

Total: 31.65 Miles

8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7 Complete

  1. Awesome job on your LR! Next time you might want to start before dawn. That really helps me deal w/ the heat. I hope you leggies are feeling okay today! Excellent work.


  2. Way to go! I know exactly how you feel. It is hot and humid here in TN, with heat indexes over 100 most days. I've got 18 coming up this weekend and I'm rather dreading it. Even starting early doesn't help. It stays in the 80s overnight! Way to get it done, and here's to hoping for cooler weather in Chicago~


  3. Way to go! Sticking with the run when the heat is this insane is great! :)Cheers to cooler weather in chitown! woo woo!


  4. Hey.. thanks for stopping by my blog. I really dont want to give up diet soda, but I just cant seem to control myself. I have decided to replace it with water… *imagine that*I love your blog. I really need to come back when I have more time to read all about you and your races. Looks like you are a speedy.


  5. Congrats on running your longest run ever! 18 miles in the heat would be really hard. Hopefully, it won't be quite so hot when you run in the Chicago marathon!


  6. Thanks everyone! I agree we are going to have to start earlier to have a quality long run. I'm all for getting acclimated to heat, but I would rather keep the run shorter (6-8 miles) when it's this hot. CJ


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