Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 3

This week is moving along nicely. Monday I rode the exercise bike for 30 mins and then did upper body weights. Tuesday was a 7 Mile Tempo run. Today was supposed to be our company’s monthly run around the lake, but we had severe storms and a tornado watch which meant I had to do my 6 Miles Easy on the treadmill.

Tonight Rob and I watched some of the World Championships. It was a bummer to see that Bernard Lagat lost his position in the 1500m and had to fight his way for third, but he said he will bring it in the 5000m. Hopefully we will catch it on tv, I think I have Tivoed every showing because I don’t want to miss the men’s and women’s marathon this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 3

  1. Question for you… you're so athletic, did you play sports in high school or growing up? What made you catch the running bug in 2007?


  2. Athletic – I'm not used to hearing that! Growing up I was a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz) and I did cheerleading in jr college. I've played intramural volleyball, soccer and such, but it wasn't anything serious. I've always enjoyed exercise and would go to the gym, but I was never a runner. The most running I ever did was a mile lightly to warm up for other exercises. I was searching for a new activity and a friend said, 'hey why don't we run a 5K race in the morning'. And I've always had an adventurous streak and said 'sure, why not'. It was 7 degrees, snowing and windy. And here I am WAY over dressed and not in any sort of running shape, running a 5K. I didn't stop to walk once, but my run was more of a shuffle towards the end. Afterward I felt like I had climbed a mountain. I was instantly addicted to the challenge. I pushed more than I ever had in a workout. I was like 'when is the next one' and that first year I went on to run 24 races and it has grown from there. I only wish I had gotten into it earlier in my life. I truly love running now!CJ


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