Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

Is it seriously August? I have to ask because at the height of the afternoon when I went for my run it was 71 degrees with 13mph winds that were actually brisk because a storm is coming in. I ran in my running capri tights and wasn’t bad. That’s how perfect the weather was for running today.

I did 30 mins on the exercise bike with some hills to warm up and then headed out for 6 miles easy in the neighborhood. This run was special because it was effortless! I had no kinks or soreness, which is strange for me because with training I’ve become used to something not 100% somewhere. And this time was perfect! I felt like I was just floating along. So crazy! Did some ab work and now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day!

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

  1. Perfect weather runs are the best! We are running a 5K tomorrow and it is suppose to rain. I'm unsure about a rain race.


  2. Sounds amazing! Its gonna be a high of like 65 or 70 tomorrow and i'm STOKED to run! I ran 8 tonight after work at 6pm and didnt even need water. Granted i as thirsty when i was done but i wasnt soaked in sweat dieing of thirst! I hope its cool for you tomorrow too!! Enjoy your run!


  3. Janice – I agree, I have to relish in them when they come.Mere – I hope your 5K goes well! Try not to worry about the rain. I've been there and it actually can be a nice distraction as your running.Nicole – Yeah it is so nice to not feel like I'm dying for a drink. We have been really spoiled with good running weather this summer!CJ


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