2009 Flanagan Fest – 5K – 23:25

This was an impromptu race for us. Last night we decided we would get up and drive over for the race.

The unusually cool temps of August made it somewhere around 55-60 degrees. This race weaved around the town. They had an interesting age group break down. Rob and I fell into the 25-34 age groupings. Being a small race I had a new experience of being second female overall. I was able to stay with first female for a while. Then at mile 2 she was able to pick up the pace. I was loving how strong I felt during the race. No other female came close to me so I was 2nd throughout.

Rob and I both PRed! Rob came in at 23:08 and I was in at 23:25! I got first in my age group!

Me with my medal:

7:33 pace
F 25-34: 1/?
F: 2/?
Overall: ?/?

13 thoughts on “2009 Flanagan Fest – 5K – 23:25

  1. Every week is a new PR for you. I PRed today too and won 1st in my age group. I'm guessing there were only 2 of us. My time wasn't nearly as great as your's — 27:13 but I'm happy! You are a rock star runner!


  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I am always welcoming advice from the pros 🙂 Boy, do I need it! I will def check that site out. Sister you are FAST… Way to go on the 5K!


  3. Wow! I'm so impressed by your contast improvements. Keep working hard towards the marathon; you're going to ROCK it!


  4. Jeez will I ever check your blog and not see a new PR for you, you are just amazing Ms. CJ. Congrats on such an awesome PR and race award.I must say I too brought home some hardware in my 5 mile race this weekend. I got 3rd with a good time for me of 46:40 (but only after a girl passed me in the shoot after we crossed the finish, the director was going to make her switch but I dropped it). Congrats again you are such an inspiration to me.


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