Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete

I completed my first 20 miler! And I feel pretty great considering! It was just one of those LRs where everything went perfect. The temps were super mild. We got up at 4am to check the weather and let the dog out. Since it wasn’t going to break 60 degrees until noon (is this seriously August?) we weren’t in any hurry.

We went back to sleep and got up at 6:30am to have breakfast. I went with two slices of low cal wheat toast with almond butter and coffee. I love my coffee. With the previous stomach issues and never really feeling quite right on Gu or Bloks I decided to whip up my own refueling snack. I took low cal whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of almond butter and a squirt of honey, folded in half and wrapped up three of them individually into sandwich baggies. I was able to tote them in the back of my Sugoi tank top. We set out from our house and ran two miles out then turned around to head back at the house where our water and G2 was sitting out for us. That made the run chunk up into 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and worked out great. I ate 2.5 of my new sandwich snacks, a whole one at 4 and then halves at 8, 12, 16. They were gooey from being warmed up from my body heat, but man they were delicious. And no stomach issues at ALL!

Also during the run I had no IT band issues flare up and no major pains while running. I had a slight dullness in my right hip at mile 16.5, but it went away or my elation caused me to ignore it. I couldn’t stop grinning cause I felt so good. I got welled up with emotion at mile 19.5 cause I was just so happy to be feeling so good. At 20 miles I threw up my hands and shouted ‘Yes! 20!’ and walked a bit while laughing with tears and smiling. I really didn’t feel beat up. I felt like I had ran 20 miles, but I didn’t feel worked over. I feel like the full is possible, especially with a nice taper. I kept pretty even pacing throughout and finished with a 9:12 pace. I only hope the next 20 miler feels as good. *fingers crossed*

I finally broke past my 31.x mile weeks this week by getting to 37.
Here is how the crazy week ended up:
M: Bike 8.7 miles (P4, L5, 17.4mph), Arms, Shoulders, Abs
T: Rest
W: Rest
R: 5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:41 pace)
F: 8 Miles Speedwork (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:02 pace w/4x1600s @ 7:24 pace)
Sa: 4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% incline, 8:50 pace)
Su: 20 Miles Long (‘Hood, ‘Wood ‘Hood, 9:12 pace)

Total: 37 Miles

10 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete

  1. Congratulations on your first 20 miles! I'm with Meredith… you make it sound so easy! Wow! I love that you felt so elated! I know the feeling… there is nothing better than sheer accomplishment after you have worked so hard for something. You will do GREAT in the marathon 🙂 I'm rootin' for ya!


  2. CJI was wondering if you have ever taken to time to do a time line of your running history. Last weekend after your last PR I was thinking how interesting it would be to see what kind of training (or just weekly mileage you were following), along with your race times. I believe you started running with little running experience correct? My husband and I are the exact same (except he started running for fitness 3-4 miles at a time 2 or so years before he started racing). Your progression has been amazing to watch just since this past winter, that I think a lot of new runners could get a good picture of where they could be with some hard work.Anyway, just a thought I was thinking about. I think I am going to keep a journal were I document my race times and my mileage I had during those times.


  3. Stevi – Interesting idea! I do have the data logged. It would be a matter of sitting down and getting it into a format for the blog. I'll have to think about how that would go.Angie/Nic – Thanks for all the support!


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