Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11 Day 2

I woke up Monday and found my left foot on the outside part (the area I call the fleshy crash pad) was very sore. I should have done an ice bath after that 20 miler. I normally do them, but I was feeling so good I just wasn’t in the mood. I think an ice bath would have helped me recover quicker and next time it won’t matter how good I feel, I need to have one.

I’ve iced for two days and it has improved. To keep things on the mend I rested Monday and today I did upper body weights. Tomorrow I’ll see how the day goes and then decide if I’m up for a bit of a run or some cross training.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11 Day 2

  1. Ice baths would be killers for me! I hate cold or even warm water. I guess real runners have to make those sacrifices for their sport.


  2. The shoes have 100 miles on them, but they are a new model for me. I've had no other problems until now so I was thinking it was just overuse since I'm not used to runs this long. Luckily it's getting better, but I guess now I have to see if I should change shoes.Thanks L.A. I'll send you an email!CJ


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