Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11 Day 5

What an amazing and busy day! A lot of the stress of the last week has melted away, thank goodness! The outside of my foot has been on the mend and feeling about 90% good. The only issue I’ve still been having is when I put on my shoes (Asics 3010s) the insole back by the heel curves up and pushes on the tender area making it feel worse. I love these shoes too otherwise, so I was bummed when changing insoles still hasn’t seemed to fix the problem. Time to look at other shoe options. But first…

We took a flight for lunch to Madison, WI to The Jet Room. What would be a 3hr 15min drive was only 1hr 15mins by plane.

On a side note: It was a bit nerve wrecking to know that just after we took off our tower was dealing with a commercial aircraft that declared an emergency with 74 passengers aboard. We were on pins and needles listening to the tower and the aircraft prepare for an emergency landing. Crash vehicles were in place and I said some prayers as we waited (while on our own flight) to hear the news. The pilot was very calm and it turned out the emergency was “no flaps” which in means the landing was going to be faster than normal, but the pilots are trained for this. The emergency declaration is protocol and appropriate to ensure the utmost precaution. The plane landed safely and the we were so proud of our tower and the pilot for executing the emergency procedures so well.

So back to our flight, all was well. It was hazy out, but it was no problem. Even though we were up for lunch we went with their breakfast and I had “The Flight Attendant” (all menu items have aeronautical names) which was an omelet with mushrooms, spinach and swiss cheese. I was able to eat about 2/3 of it, and it was really delish. The FBO was one of the nicest ones we have seen. I love how Madison has so much waterfront. We will definitely be back when we have more time to visit.

Then we headed home to run errands and get our run in for the day.
Heading out:

One of our errands was to check out new running shoes. I ended up with the Asics Kayano 15s. They aren’t far off from my 3010s and offer more gel. The best part was they didn’t bother my foot when trying them on. I took them out for 6 miles easy and all seems well! I still have the same amount of pain as I had, but there was no aggravation being caused by the new shoes. I’ll give them a couple more tries to make certain. And in the meantime I will continue to take Aleeve and ice my foot.

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