2009 Fall Festival – 10K – 49:44

This week is already off to a better start in the training department!

The 10K race went .75 miles through town and then out and back on country roads and finished at the park we started at. This course had rolling hills throughout. It was also nice and humid – 97%.

I was so happy to find that during my warm up that I zero foot pain. And as we raced I had no issues from my foot whatsoever. I was elated! Even with all the hills it was just so nice to be out and racing.

I PRed! And I won 1st in my age group! Rob also got an instant PR being is first 10K race and finished in 50:09.

There was an issue with the medals and they were not available at the race. The race director said they would be mailed out. We each did score two $10 coupons at Dick’s Sporting Goods, which will be great to stock up on some cold weather gear.

Update: My medal came in the mail.

8:01 pace
F 30-34 1/5
F: 8/42
Overall: 44/98

15 thoughts on “2009 Fall Festival – 10K – 49:44

  1. That is wonderful! Do you often see the same people at your races? I bet they're intimidating by you. And what do you do with all those t-shirts?


  2. Thanks Devon!Meredith – Depends on the race location. This one was about an hour drive so there were only a couple people that looked familiar. Other races it seems like we know a good amount of people there. Ugly race shirts go straight to donation. The cooler ones I wear awhile and then eventually donate them if they are still in good condition.CJ


  3. What a great treat for you after the week you had. Congrats on ANOTHER awesome PR and No.1 in AG that is so amazing(send my congrats to Rob too).Best of luck with training this week!


  4. Congrats on your 10K PR! I love this distance…and it's always a good experience when you win your age group. Even better, in my opinion, is when you win something you can use – like a gift card! Enjoy!


  5. congrats on the race, you're a racing machine. im impressed! your "i can't say no to drugs" comment made my day. maybe even tomorrows day. yeah, im lame.


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