USAF Half Marathon Expo

We made it to Dayton, OH for the USAF Half Marathon!!

Coco on the ride over:


Our hotel is brand new and we got a room upgrade.
Room Pics:

The drive to the expo was nuts since construction had us turned around. Once at the Nutter Center, the expo had a lot of booths. The way they had it set up made it difficult to get around since they didn’t use the floor of the stadium, but instead the walkway that goes around the arena (inside the building). The packet pick up was in the back so it was a clever way to ensure all runners saw every booth as they made their way to packet pickup.

Outside they had the American Choppers B-2 Stealth Bomber:


The shirts are awesome!


A sweet patch:

We went and had dinner at Smokey Bones and then chilled in the hotel’s hot tub and pool for a bit. Now it’s time to wind down. We are all ready for tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “USAF Half Marathon Expo

  1. I can't wait to hear all about the race and how you liked it. DH and I have talked about doing it since it is not that far. Good luck and sending positive thoughts your way.


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