Enjoying every second of life and running.

6 thoughts on “September 2009 Stats

  1. Your gonna nail Chicago! sub 4 baby!!!


  2. WOW, over 100 miles in a month! That is amazing!


  3. Yeah! You're getting so close!!!!! BTW, I'm not running Chicago. Sorry, I'll be in Hartford. I'll be sending flying feet your way next Sunday, though!


  4. Thanks ladies!! Not much longer Nic and we will be out there! Can't wait to hear about your race Rebecca!CJ


  5. Just wanted to send a note hoping all is going well with the taper. A friend from our running group is doing Chicago and it got me thinking of you. Oh, I have to share I had my first 14.2 mile run today. I was going to repeat 13, but decided to run with another runner that needed 12 and I still had to get home. Good luck in Chicago and I can't wait to hear all about it.P.S. I was looking back at some of your old race post and pictures. You and your hubby are sporting some serious runner buffness….I want your arms, LOL.


  6. Hey Stevi! Congrats on your long run! "Runner buffness", thanks! Love the term! LOL!CJ


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