Chicago Marathon Training: Week 15 Day 6

Yesterday was 5 miles tempo. Then this morning I volunteered at an event that is sponsored by my company and my alma mater to encourage young girls to get interested in the fields of technology and science. The girls spend all day doing cool labs and getting fun programs and things to take home. My lab was an encryption lab and it was fun to hang out with the girls and help them through the steps in the lab.

Later in the afternoon I did 4 miles easy outside in the neighborhood and it was SO cold. Today’s run was overcast, windy and drizzling rain. I had to wear my headband for the first time of the season. I also went with capris and a long sleeve. I came back with frozen hands.

I have to say that I’m not a fan of the taper. I hate feeling so idle. I miss the harder and longer runs from earlier. Just one more week to go.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 15 Day 6

  1. I hate tapering too, but it means all your work is done and the race is VERY soon! I hope the weather is a whole lot better for the race!


  2. The event sounds so cool, we definitely need more girls interestd in the technoligical fields!Happy tapering!


  3. Ah yes, lots of tapper chatter going around these days! One more week!!! Question, so when you go from training for this marathon to training for your next marathon how does your training plan change? do you chose a different one,start over, or continue on…I have always wondered!Amanda


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