Mercedes Marathon!

The only cure for the taper blues is race registration! Rob and I are signed up for our second marathon, the Mercedes Marathon on Valentines Day! The course will be two laps of the half marathon course. It won’t be flat like IL races, but I’m sure it will be a great time! We will start our training in November! Can’t wait!!

5 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon!

  1. You are a machine! You love running and you love your husband and a race on Valentine's Day is a great way to mix both together.


  2. I'll be running the Mercedes 1/2 with my 12 year old daughter!!! I did it last year, too…. the course is a pretty good one!


  3. Should be a good time! Susan, that's awesome! We had heard good things about this race, we are looking forward to it.CJ


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