Chicago Marathon Training: Week 16 Day 1

Today was perfect flying weather so we left work early to take a flight to our friend Jack’s farm.

The flight over:

Us at Jack’s:

On the way back:

Later on I did 30 minutes easy on the bike.

9 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 16 Day 1

  1. You guys have been flying a lot lately! I love all the pictures! Let me know if you ever fly into mi and I'll meet you for lunch!!!


  2. We would love that! Email me the closest airport to you and we can figure out a time to try and meet up (as long as the weather cooperates)!CJ


  3. You guys are flying fools – and I love it! All of this flying looks like SO much fun!!!GOOD LUCK this weekend in Chicago – you are totally going to rock it!!! Cant wait to read your race report!! 🙂


  4. New Follower….just dropped in and love all the pictures and your enthusiasum. I will link you in on High Five Friday tomorrow. GOOD LUCK in Chicago!


  5. Just had to send one last good luck for this weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it.May your feet have wings!


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