2009 Chicago Marathon Expo

Today is expo day! I did 30 minutes on the bike and then we got ready to head to Chicago for the expo and get our packets.

It was easy to find out way around to the expo since we had just been there for Rock and Roll Half Marathon in August. The event was huge, but everything was well spaced making it easy to get through each of the check in stations (bib, chip check, goodie bag) and to manauever around the vendor booths. After getting our bibs and chip check accomplished we had to make our way to the back to get our goodie bag and shirt.

Expo entrance:

On our way to the back we checked out the Nike gear. Rob and I each got the Nike Chicago Marathon Jacket and arm warmers. The whole time I was keeping my eye out for Deena Kastor who had a couple appearances scheduled. We got our goodie bags and shirts and then made our way around all of the vendor booths.

We found the active.com booth that was supposed to have Deena signing autographs at 2:15pm. We were surpised to find that the active.com booth was also the booth for the “Spirit of the Marathon” movie, which we had just watched again last night. Rob had bought it for me for my birthday and I loved watching it knowing that we would be running there in just a couple months. Jerry from the movie was there and so was the producer, Gwen. We got to chat it up with them and I got my picture with Jerry. I had brought my copy of the movie for Dena to sign, but had no idea the booth would be for “Spirit of the Marathon” and that I was going to get to meet others from the movie. I got them both to autograph my copy.

Jerry and Me:

Since we had time to kill we grabbed a quick lunch in the back. I had a half a turkey sandwich on whole wheat that wasn’t too bad for a walk up deli. Then it was time to wait for Deena. She had another appearance at the Asics booth. We got in line, but could see there was no way we would get to see her before she switched locations so we went back to the active.com booth to wait it out.

Us waiting outside the Asics booth:

I wasn’t sure if we would get to meet Deena because of the long wait at Asics, so I took a picture of her signing some guy’s stuff:

When we got to meet her she and Jerry were at the booth and I got her to sign my movie and they both signed our bibs. I was able to get a picture with Dena too! I was a bumbling idiot around her. I turn into an idiot when I meet someone with amazing talent and I get all nervous about what to say. I told her she was amazing and that it was our first marathon. She said it will get addictive. And I just thanked her for signing our stuff and for the picture. What an awesome opportunity to meet her!

Woo hoo! I got to meet her!! Deena and Me:

Afterward we spotted another guy by the booth that was hanging back and it was Ryan from the movie. I got his autograph and got a picture with him and the producer Gwen. I had to give him crap for his treadmill. I was like “you still got that crappy treadmil from the movie?” He laughed and told us how great it is and the company has replaced the motor and other parts for free. I was just like “great, but that thing looks tiny”. He said his wife (also in the movie) will be running tomorrow and he had another race coming up. We wished them luck and then headed out.

Me, Ryan and Gwen:

All in all a very successful expo!!

Now for the loot….
My signed copy of “Spirit of the Marathon”:

Sweet arm warmers:

Jacket front:

Jacket back:

Race shirt (it is super soft):

Now it’s time to start packing and get in 3 miles easy before bed.

11 thoughts on “2009 Chicago Marathon Expo

  1. You scored some nice swag. Good luck this weekend! Can't wait for the race report. Not sure what your goal is, but I predict you'll be under 3:40 based on your training logs.


  2. Great stuff you got!!! Holy cow its so not crowded there, I'm used to crawling over people at Boston. Very cool on meeting Dena!!Best wishes!! You are going to rock!!


  3. Thanks guys! I think the expo was slower since we got there around lunchtime on a Friday. I assume it will be more packed tomorrow.Runblonde, thanks for the faith, but being my first marathon I would be shocked if that were the case.CJ


  4. CJ you scored big time…….OHHHHH I am so excited for you. Rest up today, and we will be watch the race in the morning.Congrats again, and go kick some running butt!


  5. Wow I am so jealous you got to meet Deena and some of the other folks from the movie too! Great swag too, the expo was huge! Good luck in the race!


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